Vendetta by Passion France

Not the only, but probably the most famous knife from corsica, is the vendetta.

With its slender waist, the so-called waist de Guêpe and its characteristic blade shape with a central point, the origins of the Vendetta go back to the tradition of the Genoese daggers of earlier centuries. Many stories are told about these knives and it is certain that for their proud owners it was not a knife for gardening. It is said that this knife has already decided many

Tourist vendettas with wild painted or plastic handles are foreign to Passion France. The Vendettas are made with the materials that are typical of their homeland, which in france is called the L'île de Beauté.

Bones are certainly one of the most elegant ways to craft a vendetta. In addition, bone changes its bright white color into a soft ivory after a short while of use. In the corsican tradition, the back of the knife is decorated by hand with a so-called guilloche.

On a now more than 100 years old knife collection a cross engraving was found
on the handle of a Vedetta. It is unknown why his owner engraved it, but it has fascinated Passion France so much, that it has become the model for a special Vendetta.

- Handle material bone with cross engraving
- Resort (back) handguillochiert
- Blade 12C27 steel (stainless)
- Handle length 12 cm (4.72'')

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