Wear what you like…

Wear what you like… this beautiful sterling silver palm necklace is handcrafted in germany and not only for men.

Available now in our store and also online

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What ever you’re looking for…

What ever you’re looking for, we are sure you’ll find your next favorite item in our store or online…

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Get inspired! Today with…

 Get Inspired! Today with...
 - Bakers Jacket in Olive Cord by Universal Works
 - ED 55 Regular Tapered Rinsed by Edwin
 - Postman bag Éclair S in smog and Memo Book by Bleu de Chauffe
 - Shoes Morley by Wolverine 1000 Mile
 - Concorde Gold Sunglasses by Randolph
 - Boxer Albar Fine Stripe Marine by Hemen Biarritz
 - Big Belt in Cognac by Kings Of Indigo
 - Basic T-Shirt by Fleurs de Bagne
 - Hatteras Harris Tweed Herringbone Wool Cap by Stetson
 - Alpin Pocket Knife by Passion France
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Keep your essentials together…

 1. Concorde gold by Randolph
 2. Maratac AAA Flashlight
 3. Signet Ring Navy by 877 Workshop
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Get inspired! Today with…

 1. Boxer Albar in noir belz selvedge by Hemen Biarritz
 2. Grisbi Wallet in black and Musette Gaston Bag in dark khaki by Bleu de Chauffe
 3. Douk - Douk Pocket Knife with Leather Pocket Case by Passion France
 4. Big Belt in cognac by Kings Of Indigo
 5. P3 Bright Chrome Sunglasses by Randolph Engineering
 6. Wasmus Jacket in black and Aston Pant in cord by Universal Works
 7. Hatteras Herringbone Cap by Stetson
 8. Wolverine 1000 Mile Shoes in brown
 9. Basic T-Shirt in heather black denim by Stanley & Stella
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We hope that the summer will remain for a few more weeks…

We hope that the summer will remain for a few more weeks… here are some nice accessoires for that hot season!

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It’s still too bright out there…

 It's still too bright out there... Classic eye protection by Randolph Engineering!
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A few of my favorite items…

1. Eclair bag Bleu de Chauffe x Blitz 475€
2. Solid Brass Keyhook by Smoky Sumi´s Store 28€
3. Maratac AAA Flashlight 79€
4. Pocket Knife Alpin by Passion France 74€
5. Waxed jacket “Le Falot” in camouflage by Fleurs de Bagne 379€

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Some all-time favorites

Some all-time favorites are back in stock and some interesting new stuff also....
 1. Eat Dust - Frostbite in Khaki 169€
 2. Hatteras Harris Tweed Herringbone Wool 109€
 3. Necklace St. Christopher by 877 Workshop ab 75€
 4. Vendetta Pocket Knife by Passion France 159€
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There are several aviator styles…

There are several aviator styles out there, but only one original by 
Randolph Engineering. Also the P3, once made for the navy submarines, is 
a wonderful summer essential.
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