Some goods become…

Some goods become more beautiful every day. Give them your personal touch…
 1. Alpin by Passion France
 2. Wallet & Backpack by Bleu de Chauffe
 3. Sunglasses by Randolph and Jewelry by 877 Workshop
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A sherpa lined vest…

A sherpa lined vest made of japanese broken twill denim… Perfect for every season, no matter what your plans are!

 1. BT 367-s fit broken twill vest by Eat Dust
 2. Rockland shirt in military and buffalo bobber gloves by Iron and Resin
 3. Henley harry in heather grey by Hemen
 4. Shoes morley by Wolverine 1000 Mile with hogan black socks by Chup Socks
 5. Woody backpack in dark khaki by Bleu de Chauffe
 6. ED 55 relaxed tapered unwashed jeans by Edwin
 7. American west blanket by Pendleton
 8. Lantern by Feuerhand
 9. Vintage enamel mug by Puebco
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A different style idea for women…

A different style idea for women, mixed with some menswear items... That's the way we like it at Peter Fields
 1. Hatteras Harris Tweed Herringbone wool by Stetson
 2. Puncho leather backpack and Grisbi wallet in pain brûlé by Bleu de Chauffe
 3. Estefany blouse in white linen and small belt by Kings Of Indigo
 4. Aston Pant in cord olive by Universal Works
 5. Jakt Sepia socks by Chup Socks
 6. Shoes in brown by Wolverine 1000 Mile
 7. P3 23k Gold Plated Sunglasses by Randolph Engineering
Home Goods and Accessoires: Maratac AAA Flashlight, Boxer & Beauty Pocketknife and Sola Cubes
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Wolverine 1000 Mile collection…

Wolverine 1000 Mile collection – Women’s Boot in black or brown

Crafted with the same attention to detail found in the original and modified for a women’s last, Wolverine’s 1000 Mile Boot is the cornerstone of the collection. Made in America and featuring top quality Horween Chromexcel® leather, a stacked leather outsole and classic welt construction, the 1000 Mile Boot has been meticulously designed to replicate the original’s aesthetic.
Choose brown or black North American cowhide.
Hand-stitched welt.
Stacked leather heel and outsole.
Approximately 6″H.
Made in USA.

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A few basic items…

A few basic items for your daily adventures in the city or countryside
 1. Hatteras Herringbone Cap by Stetson
 2. Wamus Jacket in black by Universal Works
 3. Rockland Shirt in military by Iron and Resin
 4. Craftsman Defender Socks in khaki by Chup Socks
 5. Coursier Backpack waxy in khaki/black by Bleu de Chauffe
 6. Shoes Morley by Wolverine 1000 Mile
 7. Lambswool Throw by John Hanly & Co. Ltd.
 8. London Pocketknife by Passion France
 9. Solid Brass Keyhook by Smoky Sumi´s Store
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The Roquefort by PassionFrance…

The Roquefort by PassionFrance… A compagnon fidèle since 1800, handmade in france.

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Get inspired! Today with…

 1. Cashmere Scarf by Stetson
 2. Dubliner Jacket in navy and Fatique Pant by Outland
 3. Stoke Shirt in Indigo Chambray by Universal Works
 4. Postman bag Eclair M in smog by Bleu de Chauffe
 5. Shoes Morley by Wolverine 1000 Mile
 6. Jakt sepia Socks by Chup Socks
 7. Big Belt in coganc by Kings Of Indigo
 8. Maratac AAA Flashlight and Poisson-Culot Pocketknife by Passion France
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It’s autumn, days grow shorter…

It’s autumn, days grow shorter, weather worsens and shoes get dirty… so add some color to this season with a pair of chup socks.

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The Poisson-Culot which means “naughty fish”…

The Poisson-Culot which means “naughty fish” is a beautiful new maritime knife by Passion France with a powerful and versatile bourbonnais blade, a resistant handle made of pockwood and embedded metal plaque “Faith-Love-Hope”. Maybe it’s also a good gift idea?

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NEW! Dubliner Jacket Long…

Dubliner Jacket Long by Outland in combination with...
 1. Coursier backpack waxy in khaki/black by Bleu de Chauffe
 2. Paulo Pocket Cord in dark grey by Blue de Gênes
 3. Boxer Albar in selvedge black by Hemen
 4. Le Bonnet in black by Fleurs de Bagne
 5. Hoodie in grey by Stanley & Stella
 6. Shoes Morley by Wolverine 1000 Mile
 7. Zig Zag grey Socks by Comfy Socks
 8. Alpin Pocket Knife by Passion France
 9. Solid Brass Fishhook in matte black plated by Smoky Sumi´s Store.

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