A different style idea for women…

A different style idea for women, mixed with some menswear items... That's the way we like it at Peter Fields
 1. Hatteras Harris Tweed Herringbone wool by Stetson
 2. Puncho leather backpack and Grisbi wallet in pain brûlé by Bleu de Chauffe
 3. Estefany blouse in white linen and small belt by Kings Of Indigo
 4. Aston Pant in cord olive by Universal Works
 5. Jakt Sepia socks by Chup Socks
 6. Shoes in brown by Wolverine 1000 Mile
 7. P3 23k Gold Plated Sunglasses by Randolph Engineering
Home Goods and Accessoires: Maratac AAA Flashlight, Boxer & Beauty Pocketknife and Sola Cubes
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