Cleaned up my boots

Cleaned up my boots for the next sunny day...
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My favorite sunday carry…

 1. Concorde Gold Sunglasses by Randolph 179€
 2. Signet Ring Navy by 877 Workshop 249€
 3. Pocket Knife London by Passion France 82€
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We also have a small…

We also have a small but selected range for the women...
 1. Undyed Wool Throw Col. 1305 by John Hanly 139€
 2. Scarf in Old Army by Rouille 35€
 3. P3 Gold Sunglasses by Randolph 159€
 4. Shoes in Brown by Wolverine the 1000 Mile Collection 399€
 5. Mini Postman bag Pastel in Tourbe by Bleu de Chauffe 249€
 6. Big Belt in Cognac by Kings Of indigo 49€
 7. Purse Talbin in Expresso by Bleu de Chauffe 49€
 8. Boxer & Beauty Pocket Knife by Passion France 34€
 9. Maratac AAA Flashlight 79€
10. Anchor by Smoky Sumi´s Store 16€.
11. Shopper "pure two" by Tinki Tunka 79€

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It’s time for

It’s time for a new outfit inspiration, with…

 1. Blanket by Puebco 29€.
 2. Lantern "Baby Special 276" by Feuerhand 29€.
 3. Big Belt in congac by Kings of Indigo 49€.
 4. Boxer Albar in navy by Hemen Biarritz 40€.
 5. ED-55 Regular Tapered Jeans, 12.75oz by Edwin 129€.
 6. Eclair Bag by Bleu de Chauffe x Blitz Motorcycles 475€.
 7. Canvas Vintage Pot Cover in khaki by Puebco 6€.
 8. Pocket Knife "Boxer & Beauty" by Passion France 34€.
 9. Maratac AAA Flashlight 79€.
 10. Solid Brass Keyhook by Smoky Sumi´s Store 28€.
 11. Stanley & Stella Basic Tee´s 14€.
 12. Comfy Socks 12€.
 13. Leather Shoes by Wolverine the 1000 Mile Collection 399€.
 13. La "Gapette" in khaki by Fleurs de Bagne 89€.
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Organize your home

Organize your home - New at Peter Fields "Vintage Tent Fabric Hook Basket" by Puebco
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The big summer blowout at Peter Fields.... 50% off on selected items!!!! 
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The classic Edwin ED 55…

The classic Edwin ED 55 made of a slightly thinner denim arrived today.
A great pant for warmer summer days and a perfect match with the Morley 1000 Mile Boot.
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A flashlight might…

A flashlight might be one of the most important parts of your everyday carry collection. Especially after stumbling home at 2am and dropping your keys somewhere... 

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A new brand at Peter Fields

A new brand at Peter Fields: Puebco - Recycling Design
Puebco was founded 2007 in Tokyo and creates new value by reusing and
recycling older products and transforming them to new, usable objects
for daily use. So every item is slightly different and therefore a
unique piece.
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ROUILLE – Accessori moda per motociclisti…

Rouille Bracelets and Rings in vintage silver is 100% handmade in italy.
It's made of nickel-free brass and not only for motorcyclists.
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